6 comments on “℃-ute (TV) 11-22

  1. You getting that DVD today made me remember to check out your collection. You own some pretty awesome stuff, Samuel. 🙂

      • You have got a better C-ute collection that I have, since most of my collection is from the golden age of H!P. And I own some great products like a talking Yuko Nakazawa alarm clock. xD And the item I use the most is a Biyuuden uchiwa that is very effective on hot summer days. 🙂

        I wish I had more signed h!p products though. I only own 3.

        1. A signed picture of the enka singer Yuki Maeda. (Classy enough to hang in my livingroom)

        2. A Buono! poster signed by all 3 girls. (Hanging in my bedroom)

        3. My holy grail. Chisato’s photobook signed and with a personal message. (I think I posted a photo of it at H!O once)

        I did bid on a poster from the newest single signed by Chisato yesterday on eBay, but I only bid $30 so there were at least 2 people that bid more than me. And what I rather want is a recent C-ute poster signed by all five girls, but they seem to be much harder to come by.

      • i haven´t too many signed goods. But all of them are Chisato´s sign goods xD the posters and a little pic from the last birthday event….all are treasures ❤

        Yep! you posted the pic at H!O xD i remember it

        talking Yuko Nakazawa alarm clock. i need this but Chisato´s version xDD

      • Yes, I really regret not buying the Chisato clock as well back then, but they were pretty expensive so I just ended up with the Yuko one.

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