2 comments on “Suki sugite baka mitai (Chisato 06/21)

  1. Always happy when you post parts of the BD event.

    Do you have the exact setlist form the DVD? I have 11 different video files now, but are not 100% sure how to number them.

    • Sorry for late answer. Do you mean song´s setlist?

      The order will be:

      DVD 1 (with Maimi and Mai´s events):

      with Maimi

      1: Sexy Boy
      2: Koi ING
      3: Boyfriend
      4: I & you & i & you & i

      with Mai

      5: itoshiku kurushii kono yoru ni
      6: Shanimuni paradise
      7: Munesawagi scarlet
      8: Naichau kamo
      9: Kimagure Princess

      DVD 2 (alone)

      1: Suki sugite baka mitai
      2: Kataomoi
      3: Doki doki love mail
      4: Romantic Ukare mode

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