4 comments on “Sakigake, Hello station and Goods!

  1. Some of my friends who went to Budoukan said that C-ute was the best part! I feel bad for Berryz if that was true.

    Chisa looks so cute on that show! I hope they don’t think she hogged the spotlight too much! XD

    C-ute REALLY makes Christmas outfits look amazing. I love it! It gets me excited for the holidays.

    That song is amazing and when I saw them in Fukuoka, so many people were crying in the audience.

    • Nah, she only stole the spotlight in the end xD (and the show is always funnier if she does <3)…remember there was a lot of groups and they had to stand out as much as posible

      That song is so great,specially the lyrics ❤

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