2 comments on “H!P DVD Mag Vol 39 CM + Tsunku Blog

  1. I just finished watching her Birthday FC event video from H!O. Highly recommended for all Chisa fans – pure non stop 2 hour Okai-fun you shouldn’t miss. Couple of observations – Okai fans can sing karaoke rather well. And It looks like there are few old hardcore fans out there since I saw quite many blue light-sticks. Blue if my memory serves me correctly is her fav colour after all. I should take a note about it if I ever happen to end up on her FC event.

    • Blue is because her solo lives times….her color was blue in the past and during her solo lives in 2011 (she loves it as you said) so some fans still got blue light glowsticks during her solo events…..maybe it´s to say “ey Up front, we´re still waiting a 3rd solo live” 😀

      The karake with fans is funny xD….but i prefer the 1st group of girls (during Yajima and Chisato´s event)xD they were so good ^^

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