4 comments on “Hina fes 2014 (lottery)

  1. About lottery clips – Looks like Chisa is main talking force in H!P these days. Momochi tried to do her thing at the beginning to grab the attention but she soon realized that resistance is futile in front of Chisa powers. lol

    About concerts – I think we are missing only tour grand finale atm – most likely Pacifico Yokohama.

    • Yes, she is a funny and great talker…….both Momo and Chissa are great for TV and talking (and UFA knows it xD) but Chisato is different….she likes talking a lot and sha has a lot of talking themes (and haters don´t like that… if you check 2ch xDD) Also she can help to other groups during MC and so on

      And yes, a big place for the last concert would be great….they should finish their tour always like that

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