3 comments on “Captain´s blog (Okai Chisato)

  1. I’m a big Disney fan, so I would be really happy if Chisato gave me a Disney related gift. (If Chisato is reading this blog she now knows what to send me for my birthday. xD )

    Come to think of it, Chisato could probably give us Chissa fans the lint from her pocket and we would treasure it forever. xD

  2. Oh, and I wish Chisato’s blog pictures were as nice and big as these instead of those small low res ones she usually post.

    • That’s something i won´t understand never…why the pics are so small….when they started the blog it was worse anyways…now are “bigger”…….i wish they listen her and they give her a blog in ameba…i have the feeling that all ameba pics are bigger xD

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