9 comments on “C-ute’s new song + Osaka Game sou 2014 (full)

  1. Oh ! Taht new song!
    … I thought it was a sad song… xD But it’s an happy song =o
    I like it, because the instrumental isn’t common… =o

  2. I was actually at the concert when they performed this! I think you will love the outfits. Nacky and Airi had the most adorable pony tails too!

    The song really did feel like Bagel ni Ham & Cheese, but that’s not bad. However, it didn’t blow me away like Tokai no Hitorigurashi did. Still, I am excited!

  3. I may be lucky, but it’s costing me a lot of money to see them! In fact, most of my savings go to this sort of thing.

    I hope I am not making you feel bad by mentioning it.

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