2 comments on “Naruchika 2014 (3/1) Setlist

  1. Hey, I am impressed with the site. It’s probably the best H!P related fan site, along with Matsuurian.com that I’ve seen.

    And not related to this particular post per se, but Chisato is probably the best H!P singer currently (except for A.Suzuki) and you’d probably agree to that. However it appears that her (and Suzuki’s also) rapid improvement as a professional singer is somewhat stalled lately, maybe due to the recent songs they’ve been given. Both Chisato and Suzuki are now 20 and when comparing to the past greats when they were at similar age, it seems somewhat lacking, I must say.

    Matsuura at age 21 (2007)

    Goto at age 21 (2006 concert)

    Now both of them were solo singers at this point, so they did get more chances to improve, but a plenty of solo singers in H!P past and present couldn’t/can’t carry a tune, so it must be that both of these girls really worked hard on their vocals. Goto, in particular, impressed me in that performance as I didn’t consider her to be that good of a singer until I saw that. Now I think she may be the 2nd greatest singer H!P ever had behind Matsuura and certainly better than Takahashi as a pure singer. Matsuura had already started her transition from an idol singer to a legitimate one around age 18-19 and by age 21, as can be seen above, her transformation was complete.

    Anyway, I digress. I do get a little impatient with the progress of Chisato (and Suzuki) these days since they are pretty much only ones worth listening to at the moment -Sakura (MM 14) is still too young and unpolished. The fact that Matsuura more or less retired, except for one small FC concert per year, or in Goto’s case, completely retired, doesn’t help, either.

    Chisato is at the age where she has to make the move if she were to be a great singer, I think. Before I considered her to be a better candidate to a great singer than Suzuki as she doesn’t sound much like an idol singer with her vibrato and deeper voice, but now I think Suzuki may have a better upshot. I consider Suzuki to be good, but still sound like an idol singer, i.e. more powerful/stronger version of R.Tanaka (former MM), LOL. But Suzuki doesn’t have “talento on variety shows” path to fall back on, so similar to Matsuura and Goto were, she has to improve her singing or her show business career is over in 4-5 years. Her personal blogs in the past seem to indicate it as well. On the other hand, I think Chisato, while likes singing, perhaps wants to be a talento more than a great professional singer when her idol days are over.

    • Thanks for the comment. waoh matsuurian is too great to be compared with my fanblog but thanks

      I agree of course, Chisato and Airi are the current best singers imo…as i always say, Airi is the skills and Chisato has more natural talent but she is a unpolished diamond……of course they are solving that little by little…..remember she started a bit late with her singing´s improvement (i mean the lack of live singing´s experience during C-ute´s first years is important) so give her time, she is still improving xD…

      Airi is improving too but i think it was because Chisato…i feel like she started to work harder after a true singing rival came (Chisato from 2011)……..well Chisato was a rival before but without chances she is not dangerous xDD

      Also i think Up front doesn´t work as hard as before with solo artist but i don´t know this of course…just a feeling

      I wish Tsunku gave them (ChisaAi) more challenging songs so they can improve more and more.

      Chisato would be a great talento (recently she is getting more Tv appearances and she is getting more confidence)…..but also a great singer (if she become a rock singer i will die…..Oka rock ftw xD)……whatever she decides i will support her

      Sorry my english i want to say more things but i don´t know how xD

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