2 comments on “Sayumi’s blog (Okai Chisato)

  1. Just a random question: not sure if you know it any more than I do, but why do Chisato and C-ute & Berryz members call Michishige with “-san” while Michishige call them casually and treat them like her juniors? Sure She is at least 2 year older than the oldest, but I heard that C-ute & Berryz are the seniors (debut 1 year earlier). It’s the same thing with Tanaka Reina. I thought the seniority in the work takes precedence over age as I’ve seen some older girls addressing younger work seniors with “-san” in some footage. This Japanese culture thing sure is confusing! I have no clue.

    • I really don´t know. I´m sure Kids´s are senior of Sayumi´s generation (after Risa´s graduation they became seniors of H!P)…….so i have no idea….maybe because Morning is the main group and she is leader……but i don´t know xD

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