10 comments on “Hello Station #62

  1. Que presentación tan sorprendente! Ahora si me dejaron con la boca abierta, además se ve difícil el pole dance de Saki y Mai, ojalá lancen el concierto en DVD/Blu-ray para todos los que no podemos ir a sus conciertos T_T, además el set list que están cantando está genial!

    • Lo hacen genial, lo que hacen Nakky y Mai ahi arriba es increiblemente complicado y seguro que han estado practicando muchísimo para eso.

      Supongo que si habrá DVD, es un tour y suelen sacar DVD de todos los tours.

  2. Yoh! What do you think about this performance Mister CIA ? =p

    For me it’s a very good performance ( Mai has more difficulty than Saki).
    But I think it’s a little too much. Not because of their age, their clothing ( I find that there is more provocative <_ <). Pole dance is a really sexy dance, but it is in first a acrobatic gym. I have a problem with the center choregraphy. Too much sex kills sex aha. =p

    • Ummm super sexy C-ute is not my fav C-ute but they can do a lot of things and variety is good xD First, nakky and Mai´s part is really awesome, i wonder how difficult must be, i´m sure they worked hard to make it and that is the most important thing to me.

      center, i would have prefered they sang live but i guess the dance don´t allow it…only 1 or 2 movements i didn´t like but the rest was fine to me ^^

      They always make dancing performances using different things (flags and so on), and this time was pole dancing.

    • The clothing is like the Wild side of Adam to Eve No Dilemma lol, I just feel a little uncomfortable with the second “open legs” step, the rest of the performance was fine to me, and of course Saki and Mai, they worked so hard to do that .

  3. Do you know what they are saying, before and after the perfonmance? I can´t understand a word 😦

    (they should put subtitles in every Hello Station :P)

    Thanks in advance

    • You are the same Vladimir? i had to approve this comment but not the other xD

      I can´t help you too much because my listening is horrible, but of course nakky and Mai said that pole dancing wasn´t easy but they will work hard.

      I wish they put subs too…..they started putting subs on the MV so they can make a extra work with MCs and comments too xD

      • Si soy el mismo :P, ojalá algún día pongan subs, porque japonés la verdad no se, yo español e inglés más o menos y a veces se me cruzan jaja

      • No tengo mucho tiempo libre pero intento aprender japonés (ya llevo bastante pero el listening siempre es mas difícil xD) para hacer de este blog algo mas……me gustaría traducir un montón de cosas (siempre relacionadas con Chisato claro xD)

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