12 comments on “Berikyuu (GUEST OF HONOR MUSIC 2014 ) Japan Expo

  1. There are rumors going around that Chissa is really looking forward to going back to Paris, because she really hopes to meet that handsome guy from Spain that she shook hands with last year. 😉

  2. Que suerteeeeeeeeeeeeee! Saluda a Saki de mi parte 😛 algún día tendré que ir a uno de sus conciertos aunque me quede más pobre de lo que estoy ahora jaja

  3. Great news, but I’m in sort of trouble now. I have already planned and paid for Japan trip to watch C-ute 6/29 concert in Yokohama. Now the “bad” part is that I will be back in Europe on 7/1 and I have just about enough savings left for Paris trip. Aargh! It seems that life is simpler if you don’t have too much money. lol

  4. Aaaaargh just as I ordered plane tickets to Japan for this period (end of June up to mid July)…
    Well I wouldn’t exchange my trip to Japan (even without Hello! Project concerts or events) against Japan Expo but I’m so sad and disappointed to miss it 😥
    Last year was the BEST (alive) dream ever. This epic concert, meeting Chisato eyes, seeing her from a few centimeters, touching her hands, exchanging a few words, her smiling at me with her wide sunny smile and her beautiful eyes… Just WOW!
    Who could imagine that there would be another chance to meet °C-ute -> and Chisa this year again? 😮 I thought it would be only Berryz… I guess I will have to wait a few years until another chance ^^
    I really hope you will be able to go Sam!! I support you 😉

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