5 comments on “Chisato´s birthday event announced

  1. “Egao”…… Chance of happening: 0.001%. maybe. 😀 C’mon~ Chissa.

    Challenging a really really difficult song (instead of the same stuff) is the only way to improve and surpass Airi, the current best H!P singer (and get closer to Matsuura).

    Well… she will sing a Matsuura song, that much is given; just a question of which one.

    Personally not much fan of earlier Matsuura idol songs, so really any cover of Matsuura songs that came out from 2007-2010 would be awesome, but nobody in H!P including Chisato covers them.

    • Of course she always has a challenging song…at least one….but it´s usually non H!P song and we ony can listen it if someone upload a fanrecording…it happened with image down, 1000 word, my revolution, saigo no ame and jikan ryokou…… i miss uta doki clasics for that reason, with current members it would be nice too

      But i don´t think she needs to surpass Airi (for me they are both in the same rank but i think it´s difficult to know who is better, (i´m not an expert of course)…if we really need to know who is better xDD) but they need to keep improving together since both Airi and Chisato are better singers now because that rivalry´s relation imo……it´s also Tsunku´s work to make greater and challenging songs for them…… ^^

      • Yep, up to recently, I thought Chissa and Airi were equal in vocal skills and were tied as the best H!P singers. But I underestimated Airi to be just a “more powerful version of Reina Tanaka” (I wrote this before :P) because I’d never really listened to her before.

        I paid attention more to Airi’s singing skills and changed my mind. She is a more superior singer than Chissa… when I say “best”, I mean in terms of skills & professionalism and not necessarily my “favorite”.

        If it’s about a favorite, Chssa is still my “best” H!P singer. 🙂 I usually prefer Chissa’s powerful vocal over Airi. Airi’s vocal has pleasant stable tone overall and I especially like when she belts out high notes in rock-style fashion (e.g. Kanashiki Heaven, hatsukoi cider) but that’s about it. 😛

        And as you know, vocal skills aren’t everything -even though it’s a huge part for me, maybe 90% factor- and if it were only about them I would’ve liked Maki Goto, who I consider to be the 2nd best singer in H!P history, much more than I do. Or many of OGs like Yuki Maeda (enka) and Ayumi Shibata. But I don’t like them that much~~. Matsuura (especially post-H!P Matsuura) is the sole exception for me.

        I find it interesting that I like Matsuura and Chissa and you seem to do as well.

      • I agree that it’s sometimes difficult to compare singers when their styles are a bit different. After a certain level, they all become pretty good, so the difference becomes really small and it becomes all about personal preference (i.e. whose vocal you prefer). Choosing “better” is a subjective anyway. Unless someone is so obviously better in skills like Matsuura compare to others, it’s difficult to distinguish.

        For instance, who is a better singer between Airi and Reina Tanaka? They are both good enough to sing an entire song cleanly. It’s a tough call, I think. But in my case, I always look at it from non-idol singing skills, the vocal skills that can transcend above idol level.

        Reina is very good idol singer and I think she can sing some idol songs better than Airi. But she still sounds like an idol singer in her rock band in 2014. So~ I consider Airi to be a better singer than Reina.

        And maybe Chissa doesn’t need to surpass Airi. But I’d prefer she did, ha ha! Either way is okay, though, as you say.

      • You are making me read too much oi! xDD (joke)

        Of course, Airi´s skills are awesome…..but one of the reasons why i think Chisato doesn´t need to reach Airi´s level is because she really doesn´t need it to reach the same point…she has a really charming (well, this is about tastes) and powerfull voice (remember Midnight temptation…great song yes, but people keep saying “i want a full version so we can listen Chisato´s kimi no honshou”…it´s just a line but it´s HER line xD)…….in other words…..she aways stands out

        She stands out even in the past, when she really didn´t sing like now……

        But of course she will improve more and more….i don´t know where is her limit XD

        She also need more self confidence….but it depends on her to get it i guess……she should have more…she learn about vibrato listening other artist and now she has a natural and beautiful vibrato….that´s enough awesome to get more confidence imo xD

        I see Chisato more in a rock band…i think she will shine a lot in a rock band with rock songs and some balads (i guess you agree with me in this….she is a great rocker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGXwPBUJMsM)…with her singing and her attitude…..the stage is hers………

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