8 comments on “Hello Station #65

  1. I am so so sorry for not commenting in a long time. All the news has sounded great and while Sayu’s graduation news is really sad, my love for H!P is still growing stronger and stronger.

    I only hope that C-ute’s new song will come out before I have to leave Japan!

  2. So is it the first time when she have ventured overseas by her own? I have been around since 2009 and I can’t recall she have ever mentioned in her blog about her abroad travels outside official C-ute Hawaii trips.

    • Me neither, i can´t remember private Chisato´s abroad travels………but maybe she had travels with her family or friends before but she didn´t say nothing about it…who knows (i think she would say anyways)

  3. So… Michishige will graduate from H!P at age 25. Now C-ute and (especially) B.K are next to graduate. It could be as soon as in 2 years since the expiration age for idol groups at H!P seem to be around 22-25.

    The future for the girls after H!P seem to be bleak. Even Matsuura failed to break out and remained in complete obscurity among general populace in Japan, others have no chance~. Many OGs still keep their careers going in niche segments, but the only modest successful career seem to be as “mother celebrity” in variety shows. It’s good that Airi, Yurina and Momoko pursued college degrees like Konno (TV reporter) unlike others.

    • They always can survive as jpop group when they graduated as idols (as you said Idol´sage limit is short so they can´t be idols forever).

      Chisato has a long life in variety shows (TV) (well, she can choose whatever she wants of course …it´s her future xD)…others can be actress….i think they have the talent to survive after idol´s age

      • Yeah. Hopefully. I suppose I was referring to being successful among the general populace in Japan. Koharu (model) and Konno are the only ones I can think who have succeeded somewhat..

        Some (Abe, Niigaki, Takahashi, Mano) pursue on acting, but I don’t think they are taken seriously by the non-idol fans (the most people). It seems almost impossible being taken seriously by the people when someone was an idol.


        I just read this post and it’s a bit depressing that absolutely nothing happened to Matsuura after all that praise among professional musicians in 2012. She’s still a nobody among the general populace. 😛 What a waste~~

        Anyway Yaguchi had some success without being a mom -before she was banished-, so it’s definitely possible for Chissa. And she’s not the one character persona like Sayumi, Momoko. The only trouble is whether they will keep hiring her when she’s no longer an H!P idol backed by the agency. And I’m not so sure for the rest of girls of BerriCu… 🙂

      • Yep. I hope they get the respect they deserve after idol´s life.

        Anyways, a lot of non idol fans became fans after Chisato´s odotte mita move so i think that, at least Chisato, could have a great carreer in the future (i´m sure the rest of berikyuu too……maybe some of them will go abroad to learn language and the come back to Japan)….with TV works more people is knowing her so i hope people don´t start hating her because she is also an idol (yes, the most different idol in the world but an idol after al) xD

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