4 comments on “9/10 Budoukan live announced

  1. I hope Chisa will get her wish and they get 360° center stage set-up at Budokan this time.

    • Yep, i hope that too. And i also hope thta Budoukan concert and the tour is not almost the same thing…..C-ute´s day should be special (i mean more special…Budoukan is enough special xDD)

  2. One thing I noticed in that that c-ute&S/mileage footage: Chisato is loud~ 🙂
    There are 11 girls singing chorus parts, her vocal is only thing I can pick out consistently while the rest just all blend in together and lose their individual vocal characteristic. She also has somewhat distinguishable way of enunciating words and vowels, so it cuts through other voices.

    • I agree with that…..listen different versions of C-ute´s Kimichari and you will listen her voice ALWAYS…….we know Chisato´s voice is pure power but specially with this song you can notice her voice more…i wonder why…..maybe it was Tsunku´s instruction for this song?

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