5 comments on “05/18 event (setlist)

  1. It seems like Chissa is asking fans to write on her blog for Hello Project songs they want to listen in her birthday event like Airi did.

    So…how about writing “Egao(笑顔)” there? (I would do it, too, but I don’t even know how to type Japanese character, let alone write a comment on these Japanese blogs :P)

    Surprisingly there was one post requesting “Egao” when I looked. Perhaps it’s not just you and I who want Chissa to sing that song after all~~. But I highly doubt that one post will change anything. There were like 13-15 posts requesting “Dearest” on Airi’s blog for her to choose that song.

    • Yep, she usually request fan´s opinions when her birthday is close.

      There are people saying “ayaya´s song, Goto maki´s song”…so that includes Egao too xDD. I would comment but i can´t on GREE……i wish they had a ameba blog like almost all H!P members but they keep the blog on GREE ¬¬.

      It´s Chisato…..a lot of request of different songs will come making Chisato´s choice more difficult xD. I hope she sings no H!P songs too (yes, even if they never include no H!P songs on DVD)

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