2 comments on “Hina fes C-ute´s part

  1. Well too bad they didn’t choose C-ute’s performance from B Course (2nd day night) for TBS broadcast since that was their best performance vocally I heard. Especially on “Love take it all”; Chissa’s vocal on high notes of some parts was the best I heard from her for a while.

    The problem was that while their vocals collectively sounded the best, they made numerous mistakes throughout (i.e. Mai missing her parts, numerous vocal cracks here and there from Mai and Chissa). So it’s understandable they chose a safer and cleaner performance from different courses for the official release. I don’t think it will be on DVD, either. Too bad~.

    I am usually not a fan of idol group songs (even from C-ute), but “Love take it all” from B course was their best live version I heard even with some mistakes.

    • We have to wait until DVD and blu ray releases. I think they will include all (i don´t like how it sounds “extra: Main dish Berryz Koubou”…i hope they include all and not only Berryz part (as extra)…if not we will miss 4 solos…….there are 2 DVDs so i guess it´s the full concert for all main dishes but…..xD )

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