2 comments on “The power (article + fanrecording)

  1. Well so C-ute won’t be getting the week 1.

    I hear some says it sounds like a Berryz’s song (i.e. forgettable idol song). At least some of the past C-ute’s singles had some catchy melodies. This one just has some Bollywood theme and that’s it~.

    Getting week 1 could be the next step, but it appears that C-ute’s progress has plateaued this year (just repeating last year’s achievements). The girls are getting old~. Perhaps it’s time for Tsunku to get outside writer/arranger to write C-ute songs like he did for latter career of Matsuura. It didn’t stop Matsuura’s decline in idol world, but songs got way better.

    What I don’t understand is how MM keep getting week 1 with their forgettable songs. I suppose having 10-11 girls (more fans for each girl, thus more buying) and 3-4 songs/each single (instead of 1 or 2) and timing your releases (vs weak competition) can work wonders. Now I think of it, I don’t really follow any of H!P for the songs as I am not a fan of idol group songs. ha ha 😛

    • Anyways the quality of the song doesn´t mean a weekly 1st position in Oricon Rankings, i really don´t know their rivals that week (i hear perfume, but i don´t know the rest)…..of course if they get a 1st position i prefer they do with strong rivals.

      Momusu is Momusu xD they are the main group of H!P (it doesn´t mean the best, C-ute is still the best group imo) and they have more fans

      i wonder when they will get the 1st position

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