6 comments on “Kanashiki heaven (Single ver) + Okai chan Birthday!

  1. I hope next decade in her life will be even more epic than it has been so far.
    I have to admit you are true no.1 Chisa fan outside Japan and maybe perhaps even in Japan! This is great collection of online material about her going back till very beginning. Thanks, I truly enjoyed it.

    • I hope the same! ^^ (it´s difficult though……tooo much epicness xD)

      I don´t think so!!. I´m supporting her from here, i guess if i live in japan i could support her more…from here it´s difficult

      Thanks ^^

      • Like vutt, I also consider you Chissa fan no. 1, Samu. This awesome site is really proof of that. 🙂

        20 years. I do not remember exactly when I became a Chissa fan, but I discovered C-ute through the release of Sakura Chirari, so I have followed her career through all of her teen years.

  2. We’ll see if Chissa will sing “Egao” or not at her two birthday events… C’mon~~.

    It’s not going to happen since there were only two requests for it, though~. Why did these folks keep asking the same songs that Chissa had sung multiples times in the past, I don’t get it.

    If not, “Egao”, any post 2007 Matsuura songs that she hasn’t covered like “Omoi Afurete” would be good, but…not going to happen.

    More likely that she will sing a Matsuura song, but something she sang before. She doesn’t appear to be a fan of post 2007 Matsuura work. She never covered any song from “Double Rainbow”, “Omoi Afurete”, “Click you Link me” albums.

    • Well know soon ^^ i have Double rainbow´s album and it would be great if Chisato sings a song from that album..

      I wonder the same. however she has stolen some songs which we can consider “her songs” (Bokura no kagayaki, romantic ukare mode, even Only you).

      But don´t worry i´m sure she will choose some epic songs (from Ayaya or other artist) xD she always does

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