3 comments on “Okai Chisato birthday event (2nd stage)

  1. “Dearest” again, huh? Well I expected that she would sing a Matsuura song and it would be something she sang before. A bit disappointed, but it was the most requested Matsuura song by the fans, just like when Airi asked. Can’t be helped~~.

    She probably improved a bit since the last time she sang it, but “Dearest” doesn’t really suit her singing skills because she still lacks control of falsetto. Chissa struggles and her voice cracks whenever she has to switch in/out of falsetto and it’s the reason why I said Airi’s version is better before. Then again she can only improve her falsetto control when and if she sings and practice songs like “Dearest” which demands that.

    • According with a fan it was better than her version 3 years ago. But i think it´s natural, she is improving fastly her singing every year. I think dearest becaome a song whcih every member want to sing….xD

      More than dearest i want to listen Ashita mo, it suits her voice but i think they won´t include it in the DVD.

  2. For some reason, nobody in hello project (including Chissa) covers post-2007 songs, the songs that came out after “Suna wo Kamu You ni… NAMIDA” with the exception of “Chocolate Damashii”. Also certain songs pre-2007 like “Hyacinth” never get covered. There is a pattern there and it’s strange indeed.

    I guess those songs are just too different for the taste of girls in HP and those following HP. No girl ever mentioned any of those songs publicly (on TV or blogs) them as their favorite songs. And not just among HP girls, but they were not popular in general. It’s the reason for Matsuura’s decline even though after 2006 she was singing better than ever.

    Either that, there is some issue with rights that preventing them from mentioning or singing those songs. None of them were written by Tsunku (most of them were by writers from outside of HP). But I doubt this since it may preventing them from singing, but shouldn’t stop girls from mentioning them. Well I suppose nobody will cover “egao” or “Omoi Afurete” ever and that’s too bad~.

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