4 comments on “℃-ute Challenge TV #3 (H!P healing)

  1. Okai chan, Neru was great turning point for her. I mean from “give that back dancer please one more line” to almost Internet celebrity with her dance cover videos on yahoo/youtube front pages. Then came PB, Solo concerts and well “more lines”….
    I can’t recall that H!P manager name who contributed greatly back then. I still remember how he shot clips during her PB shooting with is iPhone and uploaded almost immediate raw clips to internet. They experimented a lot back then. Great times…

    • Chisato´s case was unique, i agree it was a turning point for her with odotte mita (imo odotte mita was also the turning point for C-ute). I think the PB came before her BOOM if i remember well (it was announced 1 month before her first video…….well, it was announced in Okai chan neru´s broadcast xD)

      That name is “Shuhei Miyachi” ^^ i think he was the main staff behind Chisato´s boom, you only have to check her 2nd solo live´s DVD credits and his name appears in the most important place. I wish i had all those clips, i have some of them but i didn´t get all T-T

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