4 comments on “yasashisa afureru you ni <3

  1. Did she improve on “Dearest”? If so, maybe you could update it on “Chisato’s voice” -even if it’s a bad quality audience recording-, so I can check it out? You don’t have to, though, if you don’t feel like doing it – I’m just intrigued.

    Or maybe it’s about the same as the previous version a few years ago~ :P. Some songs are just not suited for some singers no matter how many times they sing and “Dearest” probably isn’t a good song for Chissa…

    Her falsetto control hasn’t improved at all, so I highly doubt that there will be any noticeable improvement from the previous version and expect numerous vocal break/mistake on chorus as usual 😛 …but I could be wrong~.

    • Since you requested it i uploaded it (i will delete it in some days after i know you listened it). I will give you the link here (Dearest is old so Chisato´s voice has a “DVD” version…..i will edit it if i like the newest version more whne the DVD is released)

      • Well… I listened to it. I now understand why you were quiet about Chissa’s “Dearest”! 😛 I kid, I kid~.

        For the first 1 min or so (i.e. before 1st chorus), I thought Chissa actually improved greatly from the last time she sang it. Her vocal sounded more matured and almost Matsuura-like (when Matsuura were at her peak, around 2009) in delivery. It was fantastic. I almost thought it was going to be better than Airi’s version…

        Then starting from 1st Chorus, it started to go bad~ 🙂 And by the time it ended, a bit of trainwreck. Too bad~. Chissa likes to forget lyrics whenever singing “Dearest”. 😛

        After the 1st minute, the rest sounded exactly like 2-3 years ago; she still had the same exact problems with the song. And it seems like she got tired as the song went on.

        Good thing she sang it twice. The staff can edit the two performance into one and edit out big mistakes. 😛 I think Chissa should cover Matsuura songs like “Happiness”, “Hyacinth”, or “Double Rainbow”, the songs that don’t demand difficult falsetto instead.

      • If Chisato doesn´t make mistakes in the yrics, it´s not Chisato´s song xD

        Even with the mistakes, i love her Dearest, thanks to the quality and souls of her voice she doesn´t need a big skill level as she shows us during first C-ute´s years. Now that she is improving little by little………i really can´t wait to see her in the future

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