8 comments on “℃-ute saikou!

  1. I’m really happy to read that you had a wonderful experience this year as well. 🙂

    (Can also be translated into “You lucky bastard. I hate you!”)

    Just kidding of course. xD

  2. Really the greatest time I’ve ever had T__T
    I want to thank you for surprising me with the Chissa photos you gave me! It was really nice, thank you so much.
    I didn’t even realize there were even two of them before I got to the hotel and saw the other one behind the other. It was a nice re-surprise haha 😀
    Did you get a good place in the concert?

    • haha I wanted to say you “There is another pic” because i thought you didn´t notice it…..i was right i guess xD. I´m glad you liked it

      Sorry for my english (Finnish is not finish…i know it now xDDD), when i met people the first time i got nervous xD (and i don´t talk too much the first time)

      My place was better than the one i got last year….in the center and in the 3rd or 4th row. Your friend said me that she was in the front. You too?

  3. You are lucky .. been able to hear Chisato voice , Risako voice, 2 Saki dance.. and all of them

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