3 comments on “Spirits ℃-ute(Making Movie)

  1. So she didn’t mention not a single time World Cup in her blogs. Ok for Japan it was kind of flop this year, but her Messi was on the picture until very final game. Back in 2010 when “Okai revolution” started with her ustream shows football was one of the key topics.

    • Yep it´s strange, i think she still likes football (i think she said something about women´s world cup) but she didn´t say nothing about Japan or the world cup.

      Maybe if she updates her blog everyday or if they had something like Serend she would say more, but she only updates when she has something concrete to say i think xD

  2. Airi is born in April… so … Tsunku finished The Power! in April ?!
    I don’t understand x’D

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