11 comments on “Berryz Koubou (sad news)

  1. I don’t really follow Berryz except when they are together with C-ute, but still sad news. And it reminds me that the same will happen to C-ute eventually.

    • sad news … it has to come but it´s hard to believe

      yep. but it´s better if we don´t think in that. When C-ute ends the shock wil be stronger but i don´t want them to disband or stop, even if they stop as idols i would like they keep performing as a “normal” group xD

  2. hmm…it’s basically disband. I see some folks are in denial and clinging on the word “indefinite hiatus”, but if you read comments from members and others from the agency, they are done.

    They are not regular singers, but Japanese idols -especially idols who don’t write any of their own materials and depend on their agency for everything-, so coming back to a full activity when most of members are close to mid twenties is not really feasible. They may come together once in a while for a special occasion like most of H!P OGs tends to do, so it’s not the end, but an idol activity for Berry Koubou is no more.

    The idol fans will get over it eventually and move on to a different group like they’ve always done.

  3. BTW, Buono! is basically done as well.

    C-ute’s days are numbered now that Berryz Koubou is done. C-ute will probably last longer because
    A) they have Hagiwara who is only 18 and most of the members are 20 unlike Berryz who are all 22 except Risako
    B) they debuted 2-3 years later than BK
    C) they are undoubtably the 2nd most popular act in H!P, often selling about half amount of MM.

    C-ute seems more focused with their idol career than BK to be begin with. But as BK members start living private lives and having relationships like normal citizens, I’m sure it will affect C-ute members as well.

    They will last at last until the end of 2015 (worst case) or possibly until spring 2017 (best case), I think. So 1-3 years left… So after that I guess your site will be like Matsuurian in 2014!! 😛 ha ha I kid, but it’s sad when there is nothing to write like Matuurian site is going through right now.

    Sadly once idol groups are done, they are done as singing group. Or even as soloists. We’ve seen all idols including Matsuura and Goto basically done as a singer because none of them write their own materials. They all are at the mercy of their agencies to give them materials and the agency have no incentive to do so when they have newer idols to focus on. It’s why most of them either retire and only come for limited H!P related activities (majority of OGs), work as TV talents (Fujimoto, Yasuda, etc), or pursue acting (I think Erina Mano is doing surprising well in TV acting unlike many others).

    • I´m not worried about C-ute but of course someday they will announce something like this. I just hope they keep performing as a group even if they stop their idol life……Chisato and Airi got some interest on writting lyrics, of course it´s not easy but i think they can do it.

      Chisato also has a great future in variety shows (and as singer if she wants, but as you said, it´s difficult to have a solo singer career, no matter how good is your singing)

      anyways let´s enjoy the present time^^

      • It must have been hard for the girls to work basically everyday all year (with maybe a few off-days) for 10+ years. This goes for both BK and C-ute.

        If they were regular singers and not idol singers, they could’ve taken a few months off or even a year here and there to recharge/gather better materials and it could’ve extended their careers in the long run. But they all work non-stop everyday, always doing concerts and tours or rehearsals, so at some point, it becomes repetitive and too much. And so all the past girls from H!P burned out and no one pursued singing career seriously afterwards.

        Abe Natsumi is the only girl in H!P history who is somewhat serious about continuing singing career (except for Asuka Fukuda, but she doesn’t count) and has a new album (mostly re-work of past songs) coming out soon, but everyone else is mostly done as a singer….

        Anyway C-ute will probably survive this. They had experience of losing 3 members and seeing them living private lives, so they can overcome BK leaving. If and when C-ute girls are done, it will be because the agency pressure them to leave as they want new faces like they did to the elder club.

        I think Goto is the only one from H!P who has written lyrics for some songs, but that’s after she left H!P… It still didn’t save her singing career. Being able to write lyrics is a nice personal touch from a singer, but unless she can compose some of her own songs as well, I don’t think she can control her singing career… 🙂

      • Totally aggree. Idol girls are performers/entertainers that are completely dependant on others to make their music and it’s really difficult for them after idol life to be successful when they are competing with musicians that are way less dependant of other people.

        To be honest I don’t think any of the current girls in h!p will get successful music carreers after leaving the idol business.

        Btw, you forgot about RuRu Honda, passingguy. She tried to have a serious carreer after h!p as well and has released 4 albums. And Heike Michiyo continued her carreer with 3 albums as well, but I understand that she didn’t really feel like she fit into the whole h!p thing anyways. 🙂

  4. Its my first time that i am commenting in your blog! My name is Kenji, i am 17 years old and i live in Brazil. I have a account in instagram (@hello_project). Everyday I visit your blog, because its amazing! First of all, i love Chisa (she is my favorite) C-ute and H!P. And second its beautiful, always have pictures amd videos! Keep doing this amazing blog, you have a huge fan! Thanks for fresh news, everyday! Sorry for my english, its horrible 😬
    Greeting from Brazil!

    • wow thank you ^^ Brazil is in the top 5 (4th) of “views by country” btw 😀

      I really enjoy updating this blog because i love Chisato too ^^

      Your english is horrible? check my english and you will notice it´s not that horrible xDD

  5. i’am fan of c-ute since the end of the 2007, and i followed berryz anyway, even if i wasn’t a huge fan it’s so weird to hear that they are doing this. 😦

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