2 comments on “Mezamashi Live + 2,000,000

  1. So many cute pictures today! ❤ Chisato still gets more beautiful every single day. How is that possible? If she continues to get more beautiful every day just imagine how great she will look when she is a 100 years old. xD

    The old dancing video reminds me of the time when Chissa did so many things in a short time and got so much attention that even Airi's fans got jealous. Those were the days. 🙂

    • I always say that. Older she is, more beautiful she becomes xD

      Those days were great, her role was back dancer (in the stage) and she is now the main vocaist. That jump was one of the odotte mita´s consequences and i think she is the only H!P member who made the jump

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