3 comments on “℃-ute FC tour in Okinawa DVD (Digest)

  1. well since Matsuura is mentioned, I have to comment~~ (joke :P) Nah, talking about singing skills and ranking them interest me.

    But I can’t take seriously of anyone who says Natsuyaki is among top 5 best singers in H!P history. She is probably a good idol singer, though. Probably top 5 in “current H!P” since she’s BK’s best singer (not Risako, who sounds great within one octave, lower range like Takahashi, but can’t control her voice at all beyond that).

    As good as potential Sakura Oda has, she is not a good singer currently (too prone to mistakes, can’t control her voice, not much technique, etc). Maybe 3-5 years later when she’s about 20, we can judge whether she’s a good singer or not.

    I personally don’t consider Takahashi a good singer (= not good enough to pass as non-idol singer even though she does have atypical singing voice for an idol), but she has an octave where she can sound great – meaning she has a short range. She’s like the better, upgraded version of Risako 🙂

  2. BTW, the Matsuura song the person used for his/her ranking, “Yokohama Rondo” (from Click you Link me album), is one of those post-idol Matsuura songs that even Matsuura doesn’t sing live often -just two times-, but it’s definitely a song that both Airi and Chissa can sing well as it’s in their singing range.

    But we all know they will never sing it publicly. 😦

    H!P agency probably don’t allows their idols to perform certain Matsuura songs publicly -I suspect it’s due to license/copy right issue or some other policy. Namely the albums Tsunku wasn’t involved (which is after her 3rd album) or the singles Tsunku didn’t write. The only exceptions are Dearest, Suna wo Kamu You ni… NAMIDA, and Chocolate Damashii.

    • I think they can sing those songs, but they will never includeit in the DVD if it´s a problem of license as you said xD Specially in member solo events, where members chose their songs by themselves, Chisato has sung several no-H!P songs but only H!P sngs are included in the DVD later

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