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  1. 1. Chisato
    2. Mai
    3. Saki
    4. Airi
    5. Maimi
    6. Sayumi
    7. All Berryz girls since I at least know who they are
    8. The rest since I don’t really know them.

  2. My ranking:
    No one since I don’t care for idols~~. 😛

    I think I mainly watch some H!P clips because of comedy. 🙂 ahem.

    Anyway has your “best H!P history vocalists” and “current H!P top vocalists” updated as well since the last time it was made a few years ago? There was a guy who did the top 5 H!P history vocalists a while ago, I remember.

    It seems some girls have improved a bit since then while some girls who stopped/semi-retired got worse 😛 Almost all of H!P OGs were never that good idol singers to begin with and now they can’t sing at all~~.

    But someone like Reina Tanaka, for instance: I considered her as a good to okay idol singer before and usually dismissed her for singing skills. After she quit MM in 2013, however she’s developed noticeable vibrato like Chisato and overall got way better. Lovendor songs are terrible 😛 , but I can hear her improvement.

    • But when i made best vocalist ranking is more “my favourite singing voices”, i don´tknow too much about singing but i think i know who are the best 😛

      I had the same opinion about Reina, she improved a lot with Lovendor

      • reposting since previous post was a fail~~. Delete that one if you can, thanks.

        Well yes, I guess it’s difficult to distinguish “best” from “favorite” when the skills among the girls are not that different. Only Matsuura can pass as a good professional (non-idol) singer while all other girls (the better ones) in H!P history have more or less similar level of skills.

        Here are my lists:
        My favorite singers ever from H!P
        1. Aya Matsuura
        2A. Airi Suzuki (C-ute & Buono)
        2B. Okai Chisato (C-ute)
        4. Yuko Nakazawa (DMM)? Joke 😛 ha ha! Seriously after those 3 girls above, I don’t really have favorites.

        Current top 5 H!P idol singers
        1. Airi Suzuki (C-ute & Buono)
        2. Okai Chisato (C-ute)
        3. Miyabi Natsuyaki (BK & Buono)
        4. Sakura Oda (MM 14)
        5. Risako Sugaya (BK) …There is no one else to choose 😦

        Top 5 H!P idol singers ever ->Purely on the merit of “idol singer” quality, less so on singing skills
        1. Aya Matsuura (soloist)
        2. Ai Takahashi (MM)
        3. Maki Goto (MM + soloist)
        4. Abe Natsumi (MM + soloist)
        5. Reina Tanaka (MM) or Airi Suzuki (C-ute & Buono)

        Top 5 H!P singers ever, based on their H!P careers
        1. Aya Matsuura (soloist)
        2. Maki Goto (MM, soloist)
        3. Airi Suzuki (C-ute & Buono)
        4. Ai Takahashi (MM)
        5. Michiyo Heike (soloist) or Yuki Maeda (enka)

        Top 5 singers ever from H!P, based on their current level in 2014
        1. Aya Matsuura
        2. Airi Suzuki (C-ute & Buono)
        3. Asuka Fukuda (former MM, currently PEACE$TONE)
        4. Reina Tanaka (Lovendor)
        5. I can’t think of anyone… Chisato? There is no one else to choose~! 🙂 Fujimoto sounded pretty good at Countdown party… Nah, I pick Okai Chisato by default for no.5.

        Hall of fame Top 5 H!P idol singers ever, definition of Japanese idol singer = can’t sing 😛
        1. Sayumi Michishige (MM)
        2. Mai Hagiwara (C-ute)
        3. Kusumi Koharu (MM)
        4. Yuuka Maeda (Smileage)
        5. Saki Nakajima (C-ute) or Erina Mano (soloist) or 90% of girls in H!P history

        What do you think? Matsuura is a given, but one thing for sure is that I think very highly of Airi’s singing skills. She’s very solid, never really make mistakes anymore.

      • I can´t separate Chisato and Airi, for me they are almost at same level but still it´s difficult to compare them because their strong points are different (however when they sing alone i think Airi still need something, not skills but something, i notice it when i see her solo events and lives….but i don´t know what she needs xD)

        What about Yasuda Kei? , i think she was good

      • Chissa and Airi’s strong points as a singer are indeed different, I think:

        Chissa: vibrato, strong low tone, energetic & louder (more powerful)
        Airi: better falsetto, clear mid-tone, better vocal projection on high belting notes -i.e. Kanashiki Heaven, overall better techniques

        But if we are talking about singing skills, Airi is a better singer. She is very solid and don’t make any mistake anymore while Chissa is known to make mistakes and unstable vocally often. But as I said, having better singing skills don’t make it more favorite singer. 🙂

        Also Matsuura is known to make mistakes – forgetting lyrics 😛 , singing at the wrong time 😛 – in her concerts and TV appearances. It’s surprising how often Matsuura makes lyrics & timing mistakes.

        around 5:13 LOL There are many more like this from her. Remind you of anyone?? 🙂 Maybe Chissa is copying her? 😛

        Since Airi & Chissa are different, it’s why I can’t choose who is more favorite. But they also are similar in that they both have low-mid singing tone unlike Meada Yuuka, Maki Goto (natural high tone) or Matsuura (low-mid-high tone, although Matsuura has lost the low, husky tone nowadays and just has mid-high, mostly high tone now), so they compliment each other well.

      • I agree that while Airi is one of the best H!P idol singers, she definitely lacks something to be considered a good professional non-idol singer. I don’t feel the same greatness when I hear her singing solo that I feel when I hear Matsuura. She sounds good on a few songs like “My Alright Sky”, but often lacks something in other times. She just needs to keep improving by singing difficult songs more. Her current level is not as good as 20-year old Matsuura in 2006, but is close… Maybe she can improve by practice singing “Egao”? 😛

        I think Kei Yasuda is like many old-time H!P OGs debuted before 2000 (before H!P became full-on idol agency). Namely MM 1-3 generations, melon kinenbi, Taiyō to Ciscomoon, Michiyo Heike, Maeda Yuki. Tsunku used to recruit mostly girls with serviceable singing skills. 🙂 Those girls are not the best, but okay to good idol singers. All of them were serviceable backup singers. I know Yusuda was more serious one musically by trying to play many instruments like saxophone, flute, piano, but I don’t think I can rank her among top 5 singers anywhere… But maybe among top 5 funny TV character?

  3. 1. Chisato
    2. Risako
    3. Airi
    4. Momoko
    5. Nakky
    6. Riho
    7. Kanon
    8. Dawa
    9. Tomoko
    10. Erina

    Poor Risako not place so high in your ranking 😛

    • xD sorry about that, Yurina,Maasa and Risako (and Chinami before i saw her in action xD) are always the last. But i like her singing,she has a powerful voice and of course she is a beauty (except when she make weird things with her hair xDD)

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