2 comments on “Utagaumai Idol Nippon Ichi Ketteisen (Full)

  1. I don’t have interest in watching it, but from the quick glance, there weren’t any professional level “good singer”. But that’s obvious since it’s called “Japan idol singer” (not “Japan singer”) tournament. 🙂

    Too bad Chissa lost, but at least she lost in the first round. I think it’ve had hurt more if she advanced to the final and lost since then it’d have been so close from winning it~ 🙂

    Also I don’t know idols, but out of 9 teams, probably C-ute is only from a major agency while the rests are indie groups. Maybe I’m wrong? Anyway so winning the competition meant more for their careers than Chissa and C-ute. The judge even said to Chissa that she didn’t need to be in this competition as a joke. 😛

    The winner seemed to be trained in a broadway musical-style and she was pretty good for an idol and Chissa could’ve lost to her had she advanced to the final.

    • The only reason because i wanted her to win the first round was…..listening her 2nd song….but well, My revolution was great (and it´s a difficult song, she had some mistakes but it was a great performance).

      Anywyas i´m glad for the idol who win,if someone had to win instead of Chissa, it had to be that girl ^^

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