2 comments on “The girls live (09/05)

  1. H!P agency really pushes Sakura Oda, don’t they? She gets to do the first solo. Since they seem to assign past H!P single to sing, maybe they assign Airi/Chissa to sing “Egao”? 😛

    I don’t really listen to Oda singing, but I listened to the TGL clip. I like her better when singing like Takahashi/Risako in lower, more powerful tone instead of lighter tone like she did here, but you can see why I consider her to be the current no.4 H!P best singer even at her age (only 15). She seems to have learned vibrato and her control of falsetto is already better than Chissa… But she still needs to learn how to breath properly or she will keep struggling on sustained notes.

    Chissa was pretty good at the rehearsal clip (more impressive than “my revolution” in some parts even), but…she still cracked. 🙂 I guess it’s almost impossible for her to sing cleanly, huh? 🙂 Oh well. It’s either bad singing technique and/or physical condition like vocal nodules causing her consistent vocal crack.

    • who is the first is not a problem….if she is not the only one who will sing there it´s fine xD.

      Oh my friend, when you sing with passion like Chisato, sometimes vocal cracks happens 😛 xDD without some mistakes it will be a recording, and she would be boring as singer.

      seroius now, i guess they need more time training their voices as singers, but they have too much work being idols and i guess, more if they challenge difficut songs like her…i´m sure they work as hard as they can with the time they got for it. But as i always said, her singing mistakes are nothing when you listen her singing, it´s so beautiful and pleasant listening her singing voice so i don´t care if she has mistakes in some lines. Chisato has strong points and weak points of course ^^ as you, i can´t wait to see her improvement

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