4 comments on “The girls live #35

  1. I’m sure Okada Robin knows that you can never post a Chisato picture too many times. 🙂 i wonder why she chose to mirror it before posting it this time. ???

  2. You see, I wrote before that H!P agency seemed to “really push” Sakura Oda, didn’t I? 🙂 So it is “Sakura Oda special corner: she covers former H!P aces” after all. Ha ha

    This Goto song cover was better than last week, performance-wise, but Oda seemed to have changed her singing style (I don’t listen to her, but I thought she was more of Takahashi/Sugaya/Chissa type before?). She’s learned vibrato, but now she sounds like a typical idol singer with overly cute-Japanese girly voice. It’s bad~. 😦 Oy. She’s got good skills and still my “current H!P” no. 4 best singer, but she is emulating wrong people. She’s only 15, so maybe she will grow out of this.

    • When i saw Sakura was again in the Cover collection corner…i remembered your comment.

      I admit that i will be worried if she is in that corner next week too xDD i mean it´s a good corner for singers (even for not good singers……it´s still nice to listen some girls´s singing voices even if they aren´t awesome singers ) so it would be sad if they “waste” the corner not choosing every group´s utahimes at least once

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