5 comments on “The girls live (09/19)

  1. A random observation: H!P, past or present, doesn’t have a soprano (meaning a female singer with naturally high singing range voice) singer.

    Now being a soprano obviously doesn’t automatically make one a better singer, but it just makes her sound different and it’s interesting that there is virtually no one in H!P.

    As you might know, pretty much the only thing I care about from these girls are as a singer. I am 99% certain that I am in wrong place by trying to care about “only” singing from idols,,, but it’s too late 😛 I wonder why I started to check on Matsuura & H!P… I suppose I am a casual observer/outsider~.

  2. Anyway the reason for the above observation is that I listened to Airi singing a cover song (from 2013) and she really struggled singing it and it made her sound like a really bad amateur singer. ha ha Certainly not up to my expectation. It was mostly because the notes were too high for her, but the notes themselves weren’t that high objectively. :O

    If you listen to Airi singing voice (clear and soft), you may think she can sing high comfortably (compare to someone like Takahashi or Chisato who have deeper voice), but she can’t. 🙂 Airi’s natural singing rage is surprisingly low. Also if you listen to her natural speaking voice, Airi has low voice like Chisato and the rest of C-ute. Only Hagiwara has high girly speaking voice, but she can’t sing 😛

    This is also related to Chisato since her vocal tends to crack when singing higher notes, which I mentioned a few times in the past.

    Everyone H!P including Airi, Chisato, Takahashi, Risako, Matsuura, Goto, Yuuka Maeda (the girl with really girly voice), etc ALL were/are alto (contralto). Before I thought Matsuura (because of Egao) and maybe Goto were soprano, but no~. I was wrong. Maybe ayaya in 2013 could be considered Mezzo-soprano (between alto and soprano), but she was alto for the most of her singing career.

    In my view, all the girls have the same singing range -since they all are altos- and the difference among them are voice characteristic (deeper vs softer girly voice) and technique (better vs worse) to sing higher notes stably. It’s kinda difficult to really judge current H!P girls since many of them are still girls and have yet gone over puberty, but certainly anyone over 18, they all are alto, range-wise.

    I am into the technical stuff like this. 😛

    • Omg i don´t know that details about each girl´s singing. Thanks for the comment ^^

      As you know i only can talk about voice characteristic (i prefer deeper voices) but not too much about technique (when i became fan of Chisato i knew she was good…….but only that xDDD, good or bad, but i can´t talk about the details of the technique)

  3. Tocando un tema banal (en comparación con el buen comentario de passingguy) pero sabía que a Chissa le tocaría el top manchado, últimamente siento que la relegan cada que pueden, menos en la voz y sería el colmo si lo hicieran, pero si le veo el lado positivo… más minutos en cámara para ella 😉

    • Aun no lo he visto ^^;;; asi que no se a que te refieres con top manchado……lo tengo que ver pero es que no hay hueco xD

      Aun asi creo que Chisato estará bien, es clave para C-ute, tanto dentro como fuera del escenario. Kikukawa de Up front dijo que quería promocionarla a ella, algunas celebridades hablan muy bien de ellas,……aunque Up front decidiera que no quiere darle trabajos/oportunidades a Chisato, no tendrían mas remedio xD

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