4 comments on “Young town 09/20

  1. So D cup -> C cup after losing weight? 😛 (A poster named “Henkka” translated a few sentences, so I read that).

    BTW, the official clip of Airi’s Dearest from her 2014 birthday event is up on youtube.

    Now that I heard it again, maybe I praised it too much before! 😛 It’s not that good~. 🙂 Before I heard it from the audience record version so it hid all the flaws, but now I can hear cleanly after the staff cleaned up, I can hear all the mistakes/flaws. The key of the song is too high for her to sing comfortably. :O

    Also I think Airi’s vocal is not suitable to sing Matsuura songs. She covered songs like Ne-e, Momoiro Kataomoi, Hajimete Kuchibiru Wo Kasaneta Yoru, and now Dearest, but they all sound…not that good. 🙂 She can’t use her strength when singing Matsuura songs. Matsuura’s vocal is deep (at least used to be), but also can be soft/clean, but Airi’s vocal is mostly soft/clean. Chissa’s vocal is also deep, so that’s probably why her Ayaya covers are generally good on the songs that have lower range/key.

    I think Chissa’s Dearest is also not that good (unlike other Ayaya songs she covered, Dearest doesn’t suit Chissa’s skills and the key is too high), so I guess there is no good Dearest cover. About 7-9 girls have sung and I think they all are bad 🙂

    • I said “and more” for that reason XD I don´t like talking about CHisato´s cup xDD Whe she said it was D cup i didn´t say that info too…….maybe i should from now xD

      I love Airi´s dearest. Maybe the problem is that we always think in Ayaya xD……it´s difficult to overpass her (i consider Ayaya the best H!P singer). But i like the covers, even Shimizu Saki did a good job imo

      • hmm, you may be right to a certain degree (about comparing to Ayaya)… I try to compare with Ayaya in 2006 (when she was 20) and not later, but perhaps it’s still hard for the current H!P girls. 🙂

        But also I am harsh on criticism since I don’t like to lower my critic level to “idol singer”. I always try to compare with regular professional singer-level, so it can’t be helped that my words are tough sometimes. ha ha

        BTW, Ayaya is about to give a birth to a baby, huh~? 7 month already? :O
        I guess that’s why there was no fan club live concert this year. 🙂 Oy, that means we won’t be seeing her for next 4-5 years at least. I guess Matsuurian has to close his site (joke) 😛 Definitely there won’t be any regular activity as a singer for many years since I think in Japan most women are expected to be moms at home until children become old enough for schools. And especially since she is married to a busy boy idol singer.

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