4 comments on “School nine (09/23) + New single?

  1. Chissa traumatized by losing to worse idol singers in that karaoke contest? 🙂

    I am not sure whether I should post this since it’s not related to Chissa or even H!P, but I happened to browse youtube the other day and found some karaoke contests (you know how it goes on youtube, you click one link after another, before you know, you’ve found some interesting stuff 😛 ). They were not idol contests, so the participates were professional singers (some idol, but mostly regular) or amateurs with good skills.

    I don’t listen to Japanese singers nor music in general – probably just little bit of Matsuura and checking out C-ute. That’s it. 🙂

    But I found two 24 year-old singers (one idol singer and one regular singer) from the karaoke TV shows that I liked. Since I don’t know any song nor what they are singing about, I just listen to vocal and technique.

    Maybe you and any visitor of the site will like their vocal as well, so I will post the youtube links below.

    • 1. Minato Akane(湊あかね): a 24 year-old idol singer (from an idol group named Predia)

      Sadly it’s not her real singing voice 😦 Her real singing voice sounds rather unremarkable. In this clip from 2013, she is supposed to impersonate a different singer. What a shame (for me at least). This particular show she appeared seemed to be not a pure singing contest.

      Actually this type of singing voice is not really the type I usually like, but it sounds cool~. 😛 Also you can tell she is an idol singer since while she sounded great, it’s unpolished. It’s like if Ai Takahashi or Risako had a better singing skills, they’d sound like this. 😛 .

      Anyway I don’t plan to follow her and I don’t care about her idol group. 😛 Not that I follow any idol group, but her group has more mature theme and very different from H!P groups. More importantly their songs are horrible! LOL

      She did another impersonation and she sounded very different, but also great as well. I guess I only like her impersonations, but not her actual vocal. 😛 If anyone is interested, skip to 32:50 in the clip below.

      BTW, as a bonus you can also see a different idol girl doing the best imitations of early Matsuura (“idol Ayaya”, not “great singer Matsuura”) I’ve heard. It’s very funny since Tsunku was one of the judges and he was shocked! His facial reaction was funny. The clip starting from 32:50 goes 2 performances from Minato Akane followed by two Ayaya imitations.

      • I love monomane’s programs. Even if it´s not with their real voices (It´s still their voices though xD). It´s not related with idols but there is a Forever Love (x japan)´s imitation (from one of this imitation programs i guess) which it´s great.

        I remember that one of Chisato´s 1st voice demostration was an imitation of Mikitty´s romantic Ukare mode btw xD

    • hmm, so that idol singer above had a cool voice, but that was about it. Here is the second 24 year-old girl and I really like her as a singer (it’s a big longer post since I have a few more to say about her vocal).

      2. Minami Kizuki (城南海): NOT an idol singer. 🙂

      from July 23, 2014 appearance (my favorite one)

      Now unlike the previous girl, Kizuki is the real deal. She is probably becoming famous right now as she has won almost every time (5 or 6) she’s appeared on a show called “the Karaoke Battle(カラオケバトル)” on TV Tokyo, which I assume is like a major TV channel. It’s a pure karaoke show and winning is strictly based on computer scoring and there are no human judges. The only time she lost was ironically that July appearance above. 🙂 Lost by 0.3 point or something.

      By the way she reminds me of Saki Nakajima. Not so much on face (little on lips), but from on her speaking voice and mannerism.

      But winning karaoke battles is not the only reason why I like her vocal. She is somewhat unique, different. She has unusual singing technique you can hear because she is trained in a traditional Japanese island singing style called “Shima-uta (island-song)”. It’s not really Enka, but sounds similar to me.

      Anyway I don’t really care about Shima-uta or Enka! 😛 Sadly most of her past published works are Shimauta or for old people and I have no interest in them~. But she has started to sing modern songs from the July appearance above and I only like when she is singing modern songs with less Shimauta technique. 🙂 it seems like she is gradually toning down Shimauta and blending it with modern technique, so that’s great for me~.

      from September 10, 2014 appearance

      I think the reason I like Minami Kizuki is that it reminds me on why I like Matsuura as a singer.

      She is very different from Ayaya, but nonetheless she shares many reasons I like Ayaya’s vocal. There are many singers with good skills, but I always like someone with unusual and different vocal that you can recognize easily. She sounds like nobody else, has very expressive face when singing and passionate vocal (very clean, soft, but strong voice). She doesn’t have a huge vocal range (she can’t sing too high unlike Ayaya who can), but has excellent technique at only 24 (she has better technique than Ayaya). Her weird technique from Shima-uta also makes her more unique. Also similar to Ayaya, I like her live stuff way better than recorded works. Since both have excellent technique, they don’t make amateurish mistakes and sounds much better live.

      So maybe you’ll like her vocal as well~.

      August 20, 2014 appearance (team battle) The link for the playlist:

      Morning Musume OGs was one of six teams competing. Kizuki’s team is clip 6 (team performance) and 9 (her solo performance). Both are excellent. A male singer in her team was the guy who worked with Ai Takahashi, I think. So there is a H!P connection on this appearance. 😛

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