2 comments on “Nobunaga (Okai Chisato and Sawayaka)

  1. Maybe Chissa could appear on prank shows like this one:

    Too mean-sprinted? 😛 Probably~. These japanese prank shows are brutal, they don’t pull any punch even on girls! Maybe this type of things are mainstream in Japan. Obviously almost all of these pranks are scripted (as almost all, if not all, of Japanese TV shows).

    I can easily see this on Chinami Tokunaga since she looks like the girl on the clip. 😛 They could be sisters. They even pointed it out on a show how they looked and behaved similarly:

    Eh, maybe you wouldn’t like Chissa being physically harassed, even for comedy. 🙂 But she did it once not too ago, I remember; some guy hit her on the butt with a bat or something when C-ute was dancing.

    The only one goes for Japanese physical comedy in current H!P seems to be Momoko Tsugunaga (I’ve seen her being kicked by a guy or dropped from elevator). Before her it was Kei Yasuda or Yuko Nakazawa.

    • Yep, i only remember the guy who hit her butt because she wasn´t dancing properly xDD but it was soft xD. Chisato´s character is different so she got a different treatment imo (Momo character for TV….it´s easy to hit her xDD) but of course, if she appears on that kind of program, they will hit her (it´s japanese TV xD).

      She will appear on a new program with Bananaman, and Dainoji recommended her for his own TV show (she isn´t regular but her would like her to be semi regular)…..Chisato is making her own way on Japanese TV

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