2 comments on “Nobunaga 10/11 (Okappi)

  1. Chissa’s team will probably win since the other four teams are terrible. 3 of them are gimmicks and the piano girl is amateur-level at singing.

    But I am bit confused on Chissa’s bad harmonizing in this one. I know you probably don’t like it when I write bad things about Chissa’s singing :P, but remember such comments are limited to a specific performance and not about her as as a singer (or a person…I don’t know her personally 🙂 ). I’d write the same on any singer (including Matsuura) when a certain performance is particularly bad.

    She sounds great on the chorus part (we know this already), but the problem is the harmonizing part in the pre-chorus. She and the guy are so out of key from each other in the first two lines, it’s painful to listen~. Oy. After that it gets a bit better. She was supposed to sing the same notes as the guy in those first two lines, based on the recorded version.

    In the youtube fan audio from previous post, she tried to harmonize one octave higher for some reasons and obviously that was way too high for her to sing.

    What I’m confused about is why she tried to harmonize differently than the recorded version in these two live performances. The results were not good. Maybe she forgot her harmonizing parts? Yeah, she probably forgot her parts. 😛

    • Probably they hadn´t too much time for practice (you know it´s difficult to get the time when they have different works). Still she sounds great in almost all the song so it´s ok. I don´t know how many times they sang it together before the shooting but i´m sure it will be better if they keep doing the song.

      Considering that in other songs with harmonizing parts she sounds good, it´s probably a matter of practice time (or she forgot as you said xD)

      The song is very good btw, i´m glad they chose Chisato for this work

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