7 comments on “I miss you // The future + Banana School

  1. “I miss you [Berryz], THE FUTUR [without you would be sad, but I will do my best to stay strong and I hope that we’ll meet again…] ”

    That’s how i feel about this single.

  2. So new single on such short notice. Regular netshops in Japan doesn’t count sales towards Oricon chart if shipping destination is overseas. Since I plan to use Tenso I may as well go for special 6CD boxset. Is it so that only way to get boxset is via http://fortunemusic.jp?

    • We knew the release date but shops are late yes xD

      Yep, they make the things difficutl to support our fav group. I want to use tenso too but not will all editions since they use EMS for shipping and that means customs 90%. I will take Regular editions from CD japan as always and maybe limited editions using Tenso…still don´t know

      I don´t know too much about the set ): i´ve never bought it

      • Yeah concerning taxation using proxy services costly indeed. First since Amazon -> Tenso address is internal I have to pay Japanese VAT. Then when expensive EMS shipment arrives I need to pay my local country 20% VAT. And worst of all it’s 20% out of CD value(incl. JP VAT) + EMS shipping cost. Yeah this is expensive hobby.

      • It could be solved if Tenso allow air mail (i always use it and i only paid customs once in my life….with ems is different).

        But yes, with or without customs, it´s an expensive hobby xD how easy would be my life without shipping charges (dreaming)

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