One comment on “J TV Style 10/23 (Okai Chisato)

  1. Okay… Chissa is doing that harmony again this way, so this is intentional. They must have practiced it this way (and failed last time). Unlike the last time when she sang out of tune (or both of them sang out of tune from each other), I can tell what they are doing on this one.

    But it still bothers me on the personal level. 😦 Gah~ It’s dreadful. It’s not awful like the last time because at least they are singing in correct pitch. Again it’s not terrible, this harmonization, to be clear. When say “dreadful”, I mean the choice of harmonizing in 4th above and the resulting sound. Sorry it’s a technical thing in vocal harmonization, so it’s okay if nobody understands it here.

    Maybe it doesn’t bother regular folks, but I don’t get why they are harmonizing in 4th above for the whole two lines since it doesn’t sound good even when done correctly.

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