5 comments on “Hello station #93 + Event´s reports

  1. ha! Even though the staff tried hard to hide all the flaws in this “I miss you” budokan performance (ex. turning off Airi’s mike during her first solo part that she sang way off-pitch and instead using the ambience sound to mask it), but it’s still a big mess. 🙂 I don’t think they can fix this for DVD release unless they bring in the girls to overdub all those unfixable mistakes later in the studio. Too many off-pitch moments… Or they can always not include this in DVD.

    This wasn’t their first live performance for this song, but it’s obvious that they need a lot of work.

    Also I’d say that the staff need to think about using more tape-back vocals to support the live singing for this song. I dislike using tape vocals to hide bad live singing, but in this instance, 5 vocals are not enough to duplicate the record as they used multi-track vocals in that. It wouldn’t matter if they were 5 Matsuuras. 😛 5 girls can’t make sound big enough for the record’s effect. The only way would be doing it accapella and then 5 great singers can sort of do it, but I don’t think that will happen.

      • ha ha, if it sounds good to you, it’s all good then! 🙂 It means the staff’s work wasn’t done in vain. 😛

        Remember I wrote that “the staff tried hard to hide/mask all the flaws”. I have music background (particularly in recording engineering), so I am just more aware of things like this. I just tend to analyze music sometimes instead of just listening. No worries.

        …as always, my standard is never idol-level, but professional musician-level. It’s why I sometimes write about flaws in Chissa & Airi’s performance (or Matsuura’s) instead of just praising them. I know it’s maybe strange since these girls are idols after all, but I can’t help it~.

      • Don´t worry xD

        I know they have mistakes, they are idols and usually singers takes more time for improve their singing (i guess) while idols have to work in several things including their vocal lessons and so on. If you see that, they are great singers.

        Still i miss you performance sound good xD (even fanrecording sounded good). And it will become better if they keep singing it in concerts and events (like Kanashiki heaven, excluding a performance which sounded bad xD (i don´t remember what performance was))

  2. How about the musicability of their song ? (H!P in particular) Music arrangement , recording etc. Did they sound great? I just love how their song have so many sound blended in it ..

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