2 comments on “Hello station 94

  1. I don’t usually pay attention to these things (the only thing I care is vocal) and it’s boring 8-9 minutes of two girls (Maimi and Hagiwara) just chatting random things that I don’t understand. But a couple of comments on Maimi in this clip:

    1. Maimi sure has a pretty face (around 51:08-). I am aware that other C-ute girls saying this, but I usually see her face as normal. There was only one time before I thought it as gorgeous and it was for “aitai aitai aitai na” MV. All other times, it was nothing special. I know beauty is highly subjective, but if one doesn’t know any of H!P girls (past and present) and just see their faces only, Maimi probably has the prettiest, most photogenic face.
    C’mon, just pretend you don’t know Chissa and just look at the faces objectively. 😛 Someone like Risako has a really heavy make-up, so it’s more difficult to tell, but my pick is probably Maimi.

    2. Maimi also seems to have a bit narcissistic side. 😛 Unlike some girls like Michishige, she doesn’t say it outwardly and more shy/reserved, but I bet she does. ha ha. I bet she does. There are several moments here that she looks her own reflection on the mirror (just left of the camera) and looks absolutely spellbound by her own face. 😛 Well there certainly is nothing wrong with loving how your own face looks. 🙂

    • It´s 99% subjective imo xD

      But i like Maimi´s face, she is so beautiful, even more when you see her in front of you during 1 or 2 seconds

      When i didn´t know nothing about H!P, i didn´t pay attention on her though, i liked Chisato (despite she didn´t become my oshi because this, that was later ^^), Nakky and Yurina faces so….xD

      Another girls i think she is beautiful is Wada Ayaka…she has something…^^

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