4 comments on “Yonpachi(Okai Chisato & Nakajima Saki)

  1. Y además de una excelente voz, es una excelente interprete, sus versiones son entrañables. Akai Freesia se une a la lista.

    • Akai freesia tiene la ventaja de que es una gran canción, además cantada por ella …..el resultado solo puede ser bueno.

      Lástima que en el DVD no se incluyan las canciones que no son de H!P (solo pagan derechos de autor para incluirlas si el evento es principalmente de canciones, un live en condiciones vamos…..eso creo)

  2. Thanks for the that Dearest clip. Didn’t she sing it twice because there were two events? Maybe this is the better version and that’s why it is in the DVD. Or perhaps the agency was being cheap and they just recorded one, so they had no choice. 😛

    Anyway, you may know my opinion on Chissa’s vocal limitation on songs like this. I think she should stop singing Dearest, at least in the original key. To me, singing this will be always a struggle for her as the key is too high (too many off-pitch moments) and she can’t do falsetto. She can sing well on other lower keyed Matsuura songs like Suna…Namida (which is Chissa’s best Matsuura cover I heard.). If she sings Dearest again, she should sing in lower key like Takahashi did, which you liked I remember. Then she can sing well with emotional effect (if Takahashi can, so can Chissa).

    She can improve on off-pitch issue and falsetto, but she can’t improve on the nature of her vocal; that’s what she was born with. It may be unfair for some girls like Matsuura can sing higher notes effortlessly and clear (and therefore have the luxury to sing those notes with emotion) whereas other girls like Chissa and Airi have to shout out and make strained sound to sing the same higher notes, but that’s the way it is~. Nothing to do with skills. 🙂

    Lastly, as for the falsetto, I secretly wish Chissa to just forget it. 😛 Just go chest/head voice all the time! Bad falsetto always brings her vocal performance down in my opinion on songs like this, so just go rock and hell with falsetto. 😛 😛 She has powerful enough voice. Even on songs like Dearest in original key, just go chest/head voice. If you want to hear what that would sound like, here is a reference from Matsuura herself. Listen from 2:29:

    I don’t know if this 2007 Matsuura felt particularly good vocally in this day or what, but she went full chest voice except maybe one brief falsetto line. You should hear the difference. I think this is the only example I know where she sang “Dearest” without falsetto. I like it. Maybe you will, too. Singing like this would be better for Chissa.

    • It was the 2nd solo event full so it was Dearest from that 2nd event. Then as extra they included 2 songs from the 1st event ^^

      If she is going to sound better than that version i sign now! xD I think they don´t have instructions about singing in their solo events like this (birthday and so on) (if it´s a solo live or something related with music i think they have).

      Anyways i heard that Chisato can sing very powerfully without using falsetto (i don´t remember the limit but they said it) It was a song where one part was falsetto part (in the original song) but she sang it with her natural voice so probably you are right and she can forget about falsetto xDD I Like the way she uses it in some songs though so forget that xD ^^

      Ey that is probably my favourite Ayaya version of Dearest xD I used it in a mixed video with Chisato’s version some years ago ^^

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