9 comments on “J TV Style 12/18 (Chisato again!)

  1. A random question on C-ute: who is the least popular (most unpopular) member among Japanese fans in your view? I was suddenly curious.

    I heard about Chissa being mentioned as unpopular among male fans as a joke. Also heard Hagiwara being the least popular. Also maybe it’s Nakajima. Or maybe Maimi… I have no clue. The only I am sure is that it is not Airi. 🙂

    • I have no idea xD it depends on the concert i watch, i see more green, more yellow, more blue, more pink or more red so it´s difficult to know.

      As for Chisato she is becoming more and more popular, i think Airi has more fans between wota´s lines but Chisato is the main bridge between people who doesn´t know ºC-ute or has no interest in idols and Wota/fan´s world. remember odotte mita, a lot of fans are from those times even if they didn´t become Chisato´s fan, they knew C-ute and now with more TV appearances i´m sure more people will know C-ute because her

      But i have no idea about who is the least popular (i have to say that i don´t care too much about it xD)

  2. In my honest option, Chisato should’ve been chosen as the vocalist for the band. She has a rockers voice and everyone knows it lol. I’ve been seeing so much Airi lately it’s starting to get old….. again

    • Chisato or Airi is fine…but of course if they are going to sing a rock song (maybe it´s not a rock song xD) they would have chosen Chisato as vocalist. But it´s nice to see her playing a instrument, just imagine her with the bass in the stage……<3 ❤

      • well… About Chissa’s vocal being better suited for rock songs than Airi’s, you guys are probably right when just comparing their current vocal qualities, but it’s not quite there yet for Chissa.

        Let’s ignore on the agency’s policy for the sake of argument (always choosing “ace” no matter what as the front girl. So it’s always Abe, Goto, Reina, Sayashi, Airi, Risako, etc before anyone else, no matter the actual skills, and Chissa will never win over Airi under H!P agency. You know this 🙂 This is business and it’s a business decision).

        So while Chissa’s vocal is potentially more powerful and louder than Airi’s, Airi is still way better at shouting/belting out a high note or just singing live in general reliably than Chissa. That’s why she sings that shouting high note line for “Kanashiki Heaven” all three times instead of Chissa. You can imagine Chissa’s voice cracking half the time if she tries to sing that live~ 😛 You know it’s true~~.

        Like this, here at 0:59

        Well in this, it is Airi’s vocal cracking, but you get the idea, ha ha. It’s the rare Airi vocal crack. 🙂 Chissa’s vocal already cracks often during her solo line for that song, which is 1 whole step lower than Airi’s shouting line, by the way. So I usually consider Airi to be better at singing in rock style despite of having weaker (more delicate) vocal than Chissa.

        Sure, Airi has more experience from Buono activity, but at some point, Chissa needs to polish her live performance skills, so she can perform reliably without too frequent vocal cracks & mistakes before she can be considered the “main singer”.

        But…maybe I will post more about Chissa’s rock vocal potentials next time. 🙂

      • It´s not about skills, it´s about who rocks xD Chisato´s kind of voice suits better rock songs. You have´t never read about Oka rock? xD Every time she has sung rock in the stage people have loved it (me included, but i mean people who was there…i usually need Fan recording or DVD xD)

  3. Ahhh I was just wondering how the girls live band thing was going, and I happened to visit your site and see this vid. Do you perhaps have the source for the other girls’ progress or have they not been shown on the girls live yet? I’m curious as to how Mizuki is doing on drums lol. They’re so lucky to get good teachers and expensive instruments to learn with. And playing the bass with those long, painted nails must be a pain in the ass.

    • I think they only have shown Airi and Chisato´s lessons

      Here you can watch Airi here:


      (it´s almost in the end of the episode)

      If she can play with those nails…wow xDD

  4. Okay, I am going to write about Chissa’s vocal. So maybe you don’t mind a long post. 😛

    But the short version: Chissa showed good potentials as a rock singer at the most recent Budokan concert. I prefer it over “idol-mode” Chissa or “oldie style vibrato-mode” Chissa. The end. 🙂

    Now the long version:
    I usually consider Airi to be better at singing in rock style than Chisato, but I think Chissa may become better in 2-3 years. Or maybe in 5 years (this kind of things take time and Chissa is just 20). I heard good potentials of what Chissa could become IF she pursues to develop her vocal style as a rock singer -and IF she somehow sticked to a career as a professional singer as she gets to late 20s and early 30s, however unlikely that is.

    I never do this, but there are a couple of Chissa’s lines from the Budokan concert that demonstrated it and I made a quick clip of that.
    Just focus on the 1st and last (3rd) lines and ignore the rest including the always-terrible singing from Mai Hagiwara (warning: it may be loud)

    I hear a good potential with rock vocal technique (with exaggerated vibrato) at the end of the 1st line around 0:06 (vibrated “…do~~” sound) and around 0:24 in the 3rd line (…tada taku wa… or something).

    You may need to listen with good speakers or ear/headphone to pick up what I am referring to. It’s very bad quality audio, so with something like laptop built-in speakers, it’d completely cut out the almost non-existent bass(power) in her vocal and she’d just sound like regular Chissa.

    Chissa can’t really sing high notes naturally/comfortably as someone like Matsuura can because her natural vocal range is lower. So almost always she would end up shouting and producing strained sound (Airi is the same). But with this rock singing style, she can sing relatively high notes and have very powerful sound. While this style of singing wouldn’t work on slow ballads as it’d sound terrible on them, but on fast-tempo songs her vocal could potentially be more powerful than Matsuura’s. I don’t say that lightly, you see. 🙂

    If you ever listen to the full Budokan clip of this “Dance no Bakon” or whatever this song is called and compare Chissa’s delivery of that 3rd line from the 2nd chorus (…tada kaku wa…) with Airi’s lines (Airi sings the same part 1st and 3rd chorus), Chissa is so much more powerful.

    But… potentials means nothing until it is realized. And I don’t know if it was a conscious effort from Chissa. So far the evidence suggests that she just sang this way in a couple of short lines unknowingly and it was not intentional. oh well~. 😛

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