2 comments on “Okappi x DARS (Songs)

  1. Hey! I heard about the songs on twitter xD They sound pretty good! I prefer the first one so I’m really glad they released both. Sawayaka-san’s pretty good at this haha. Hope we get to hear more of Okappi one day. I’m curious though, when was okappi formed and what was the original purpose?

    • Same here, i prefer the ii koto ^^

      Okappi was formed to make a song for Nobunaga (TV program)…there was a corner in the program and they call some groups and Okappi won (they use their song for that corner, but the corner finished soon after they chose their song xDD)..

      Btw the song was Omoide goal

      Now their 2nd project is DARS….i hope they keep doing things

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