3 comments on “The girls Live (12/11)

  1. Matsuura+Chissa? Of course I have to comment. 😛

    That photo, it’s Chissa telling you personally to order Matsuura’s 2013 Fan Club live DVD… Look at her face with that dvd and tell me that you refuse~ 😛

    Ok kidding aside, so based on her blog here she didn’t go to Matsuura’s last live event in December (referred as “Dinner show” in the blog) with the rest of C-ute. It was odd that only she didn’t post about it. So now she watched the dinner show footages and asked her manager for Matsuura DVD and got that FC live DVD (a different event).

    She must have watched that same youtube link that I posted here a little while back, that 6 Dinner show performances uploaded by Up Front Tunes youtube channel. BTW, I especially liked “Double Rainbow” and “Suna…Namida” performances. The other four songs (3 old-fashioned songs+1 cover) I didn’t care that much. 🙂

    Matsuura has always had very expressive face while singing, but it’s getting even more intense as she ages. 😛 Maybe that’s why she has some wrinkles on her face when she is not even 30 yet. 😛 It’s a joke~. I like always-very-intense Matsuura singing face.

    I hope Chissa sings “Double Rainbow” or something difficult when she next covers Matsuura and not impossible songs for Chissa like “Egao” or “Dearest”.

    • I would love to see Double rainbow sang by Chisato, i have Double rainbow album and i listened that song a lot when i got that album ^^

      Good songs need good voices so Chisato should sing a lot of Ayaya songs (not only Ayaya but also other artists)

  2. BTW, this medley clip is from that 2013 FC live DVD.

    It looks funny even though I have no idea what that bass player is saying. I generally don’t like idol Matsuura songs, but if it is in medley form like this and keep it short, it can be fun.

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