5 comments on “Music RU 03/16 (ºC-ute) + Risel (Okai Chisato)

  1. Hi.. had you seen Erika’s tweet? What she said about C-ute ? What TV program is that C-ute attending and what they talking in that TV program?

    • I retweeted it before, i will put it here when more news come xD She said thanks, she can feel the love. It´s because in their newest MV (Gamusha life) they wrote graduated members names initials (EU KA and MM) to remember old members

      • Thanks.. I’m waiting for your inputs here ..

        As long as I remember this is the most direct connection between them and former member appears in media .. so im quite a bit curios about it 🙂

      • Erika talks sometimes about ºC-ute, i don´t know if they are in contact but i think they are.

        Old members appearing on a concert as surprise guest would be nice (it won´t happen i think xD)

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