3 comments on “Okai Chisato´s birthday goods + Hello Station 122

  1. Darn it, when did Chissa take requests for songs to sing at her birthday event? And it’s already all decided? I think “taiki bansei” is dreadful, but she will sing it since it’s the most requested. 😦

    No “Egao” yet again, I am sure. No one will sing that song. Or any of non-idol Matsuura songs that came out after 2007. If Kanon Fukuda can sing songs like “Omoi Afurete” and “Toudai” in her birthday event, why can’t Chissa?

    She said she would sing songs that she’s never sung before, so my prediction: 2-3 songs from Mano, Goto, Buono + taiki bansei. Plus 1 or 2 non HP songs. And the rest is the same typical stuff.

    If she covers Matsuura songs, it’ll be either a song she sung before like always (I hope she doesn’t sing “Dearest” or “Suna namida” again, not after singing like 6-7 times already) or early idol songs like “100kai no kiss” that many other HP girls sung, but she never sung before. …but she did watch Matsuura’s 2013 FC event DVD and youtube clips of 2013 christmas show. That gives me a faint hope that she may choose something like “Omoi Afurete” or “Shinju”, “Hitori” or Happiness” (or any of non-Tsunku song).

    • As I thought I totally figured out Chissa, as far as her Matsuura’s songs choice is concerned.

      She sung “100kai no kiss” – I even picked that particular one. i realize now that she is only a fan of early Matsuura idol stuff after last year and this. So I give up~~.

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