6 comments on “I´m back! (06/19~07/02)

  1. I happy to see you back, Samuel! 🙂 You being gone made me realize how dependant I have become of this site for my Chissa needs. You have made me spoiled and lazy. xD

    But what a comeback. So much Chissa awesomeness crammed into one post, I don’t know where to begin. And that gif. ❤

      • Most important thing is that you are OK. 🙂

        Most important thing you forgot to mention was my birthday yesterday. That’s not newsworthy on a Chissa blog you say? Dammit! xD

      • Thanks. xD

        Just remembered. I actually dreamt about Chisato not long ago, but I’m not sure what to think of it. She worked as a teacher and I was one of her students. Suddenly there was two Chisatos and both wanted to date me (solid proof of it being a dream xD), no idea how I chose between them, but I did. But on the way out of school I overheard some teachers talking about a successful cyborg infiltration, so the Chissa I chose might have been a robot. Unfortunately my alarm clock woke me up, so I never got the answer. Maybe I would have been killed soon after? xD

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