2 comments on “Hello station #127

  1. Probably the first and last (and the only) post I ever wrote on ameblo site, but I went and wrote Chissa to sing “difficult” Matsuura songs like Egao (2007 single), double rainbow, Omoi Afurete, Shinju. 🙂

    It’s not going to be answered, but was written and published just before 18:00.

    I probably was only person to write such question (more like a request) for her Q&A blog instead of asking boring trivial questions like her favorite food or whatever. And most definitely the only person to write those songs~~.

    Yes I was supposedly given up on this, but I figured I would at least write it down once. And before I thought H!P girls don’t sing those songs because of license issues, but Kanon Fukuda sang a bunch of them recently. Even Risa Niigaki sang Omoi Afurete.

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