2 comments on “Arita Children 08/25

  1. I don’t really watch, but here is my view on Chissa’s variety TV career:

    This “stupid idol” character is what 99% of idols go for on variety TV and completely interchangeable among countless girls. In other words, there is no career on that path for Chissa. Or any other girls.

    And I noticed that Chissa doesn’t really have memorable traits to be successful in a long run on Japanese variety TV shows. Objectively speaking, there is not much that stand out about her variety TV character.

    From H!P, only 3 girls (Yuguchi, MIchishige, and Tsugunaga) have been really successful and none of them are this stupid idol character. Yuguchi has good skills as MC and worked in the industry for a long time, so she still gets the jobs even now (despite of her scandals) while the other two has very distinguishable TV characters that can’t be replaced easily. And being Morning Musume OG also helped Yaguchi and Michishige, so it’s only Tsugunaga that is sole exception.

    Mai Satoda did have the stupid idol character, but she is more famous for being the wife of well-known baseball player. And her variety TV career was very short, like 2 years. Chissa is more close to Satoda than Tsugunaga in this way.

    Right now Chissa does get jobs as it’s only Tsugunaga who gets on variety TV regularly from H!P, but Chissa probably will have a hard time getting variety TV jobs after she graduates from H!P.

    …Anyway that’s for the future. For now, her fans can enjoy that she gets the most TV jobs after Tsugunaga.

    • Well, the future can be tomorrow or in 30 years so we can´t know xD

      Anyways i don´t think she will leave H!P soon, she got good connections in variety shows (God tongue director praised her, Dainoji Ootani chose her over other girls, and probably more that we don´t know) and that´s good for her future

      Of course she will do whatever she wants, but if the talent and the fact that she is funny in a natural way is important, she won´t have problems imo.

      Just watching this show you can notice that with more experience she could have surpassed Mari, so with the time she will become better (she has good talking skills).

      Also Tsunku said she wants her to be the face of H!P…and he is the boss xDD

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