2 comments on “Masuwaka Tsubasa’s twitter (Okai Chisato)

  1. So… I wrote about this a while back, but now I can’t find that post anymore, so just going to write on the latest post 🙂

    Not directly related to Chissa, but some H!P related girls singing one of the post-2007 Matsuura song, “Omoi Afurete”, a few months ago.

    Risa Niigaki (with Matsuura’s drummer and bassist) :

    Kanon Fukuda (if Chissa were sing this song, this awful BG Synthesizer music is what she would be singing with) :

    I am sure I don’t need to post how Matsuura sounds like singing this song~~.

    Even Yajima sang this particular song years ago:

    Anyway this is the one of the songs I wrote on Chissa’s blog a few weeks ago asking her to sing.

    Honestly Chissa can’t really sing this song well because her falsetto technique is bad (similar to these other girls), but it is one of the harder Matsuura songs to sing and I’d want her to sing anyway.

    Personally I think “Double Rainbow”, another difficult song, would suit Chissa more since it doesn’t have any falsetto part, but has many belting notes. But at this point, any post-2007 song would do.

    Before I thought nobody would sing post-2007 Matsuura songs due to some legal issues, but no! This proves that the girls can choose to sing those songs if they want! …but for some reasons mostly nobody sings them and always sing the same pre-2005 idol songs.

    • You comment still exists xD

      I guess it´s because they chose their own songs in events like that (birthday, solo events and so on)………in the case of Chisato it´s a nice chance to sing no H!P songs for example, then she probably chose more popular songs for fans and old Ayaya songs are very popular..maybe

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