2 comments on “09/29´s School Nine (Okai Chisato)

  1. Chissa drinks Tequila, huh? 37%. I guess she’s the drinker of this group.

    Funny how this system works. They don’t care whether their idols drink hard liquor (or any alcohol), but smoking (even over 18) or dating? No way, you’re fired~~. …well maybe not for smoking, but it definitely doesn’t get a pass like drinking.

    • Well she doesn’t have problems with the drinking but she does like it (she appears on TV almost every week, we would notice it xD). She said once her fav alcohol drink ^^

      But of course she was in Mexico..she had to buy tequila xD

      Idol world is strange to me xD anyways imo smoking is worse than alcohol (no if you are a heavy drinker of course, you know what i mean)

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